Herman Miller Mirra 2 Vs Aeron Full Comparison

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Vs Aeron

Herman Miller is a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality office chairs. Mirra & Aeron both give tough competition to each other. However, it can be difficult to do a Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron comparison, because both have premium quality and endless benefits. As a matter of fact, one has to win the battle over the other.

The Aeron chair is one of the most well-known chairs in the world. It was designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, which are both Herman Miller employees. The seat shape, back angle, arm height, and many other features have been carefully thought through to create a comfortable office chair that lasts for years with minimum maintenance.

But there’s another option out there – it’s called the Mirra 2 from Herman Miller. This new design has everything you need for an ergonomic workplace without sacrificing style or comfort.

Now, what would you choose?

Here, in this blog post, we have concluded the benefits, features, design, and other specifications that will help you to decide what to choose between Herman Miller Aeron vs Mirra 2.

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair Review: In-Depth Discussion

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair.jpg

One of the most popular chairs in today’s world is the Herman Miller Aeron.

Since 1994, customers have been confidently buying this chair for professional use!

Additionally, it is delivered fully assembled, so there is no need to guess what goes where. In the event of a problem with the chair, the manufacturer offers a 12-year warranty and onsite repairs.

This ergonomic chair from Herman Miller is made up of all custom-designed components. Basically, the chair works smoothly and makes a comfortable seat due to its smooth operation and synchrony among all its parts.

A 100% mesh chair, the fabric is a top-of-the-line polymer optimized for comfort, breathability, and durability. Besides having comfortable armrests, Aeron’s arm pads are also rounded and soft to the touch.

Some Optional Upgrades You Can Do In This Chair

Upgrades can enhance the user experience and ergonomics of the Herman Miller Aeron. In addition to the tilt limiter, the chair can now tilt forward so that it can be positioned in multiple positions.

While reviewing the Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron, we noticed that this Aeron is perfect for intensive tasks that require a high level of concentration and good posture, you can adjust the tilt of the seat.

The continuous recline motion of this chair has no effect on how your back aligns; it smoothly moves back and forth. Whether the user reclines backward or forward, the spine is protected as it remains in the same position.

Having lumbar support that can be adjusted improves the overall support for the back. You have to pay more for an adjustable backrest. Unfortunately, this chair is a bit expensive and its upgrade cost more than the chair. That is why the comparison of Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron fails when it comes to price comparison.

Lastly, the backrest comes in a third version called PostureFit SL, which provides support for your mid back.  You will feel even more confident after getting an adjustable PostureFit SL that gives you adequate support while you sit.

Moreover, you can also adjust the height of the lumbar support in this version to get the ideal support exactly where you need it.

Herman Miller Aeron should include PostureFit SL as a standard feature of this chair, but sadly it is an additional cost.

Currently, you must pay an additional fee to use the PostureFit SL backrest. So, if you’re going to upgrade your chair, I’d recommend starting with this lumbar support kit.

When buying Herman Miller Aeron, the PostureFit SL backrest is one of the best upgrades you can make. This is a worthwhile upgrade for your office. However, it is something we find common in the Herman Miller Mirra Vs Aeron comparison!

Armrest upgrades are another upgrade worth investing in. With all versions of Aeron, you can choose stationary, height-adjustable, or 3D arms.

Which Type Of Customers Can Use This Chair?

Several buyers of the Aeron have raised concerns about metal coming into contact with the back of the seat while stretching. When they come in contact with the hip, the bolts on the seat side can also cause discomfort.

Particularly for chubby, tall individuals, this may apply. Choosing the right size for Aeron is crucial as three sizes are available. This should cover most of the population.

If you stay within the recommended height and weight ranges, you cannot go wrong with them.

One of Herman Miller’s greenhouse facilities manufactures the Aeron chair from recyclable material; this makes it an environmentally friendly chair.

What We Like About

  • Height adjustment is good
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • The tilting option is great
  • The backrest is suitable for all

What We Don’t Like About

  • Expensive
  • Additional upgrades cost you more

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair Review

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

Overview Of The Chair That Gives Herman Miller Mirra Vs Aeron A Tough Challenge

One of Herman Miller’s best chairs, the Mirra 2, has been rated as one of the best chairs in 2021. Herman Miller’s chair stands out for being among their cheapest chairs, at least in the most basic version.

There are a lot of valuable upgrades that you can add extra to your Mirra 2 chair which is somehow an additional cost but improves the comfort level.

With regards to the quality of the chair itself, Mirra 2 is an excellent high-end chair designed by Studio 7.5 in Berlin, Germany. Mirra 2 is a design that is top-notch and up-to-date.

Features & Benefits Of This Chair

It comes with vents that assist in providing excellent breathability (thereby reducing back sweating). Backrests conform to the shape of your back and support you when you change positions.

Additionally, it has vents that let you circulate air through it, which keeps your back cool. It is flexible, so you can adjust it as you need according to your need. It’s a bit cooler without the fabric layer which is a flaw to some extent, but much easier to clean as well.

You can adjust the depth or height of the lumbar support (which allows you to adjust the amount of support you feel in your lower back).

The seating comfort of the Mirra 2 is enhanced due to the comfortable mesh material, which creates a sense of floatation, without the feeling of “sinking in”, causing you to adjust your sitting position constantly.

This feature is the most prominent difference between the Herman Miller Mirra Vs Aeron Comparison.

Another flaw of this chair is the pronounced metal frame which is unpleasant, but the flex front adjustment option helps to reduce the tipping of the frame, resulting in a more comfortable sitting position.

As well as making more space for your thighs, you can use it for that. It’s important for users with long legs to be able to adjust the seat depth. Increasing the depth of a seat is like anything else – it costs more.

You will have to spend “a few” extra dollars to have your Herman Miller Mirra 2 seat depth adjusted (flexible front edge).

Additional Upgrades You Can Do In This Chair

You can choose between fixed or adjustable armrests when you buy this chair. The Herman Miller Mirra has a tremendous range of adjustments if you choose the adjustable model.

These adjustable arms can also pivot from left to right, move upwards and downwards, forward and backward!

The Herman Miller Mirra provides more accurate arm depth adjustments than Aeron. Whether you’re chubby or small, these suits you. Did you notice this significant difference between the Herman Miller Mirra vs Aeron comparison?

This tiny adjustment helps ensure that the arm supports are adequate. A unique feature of the Mirra 2 arms is their waterfall front shape, which is characterized by soft and cushy pads surrounded by durable outer skin.

The Tilt Limiter with Seat Angle Adjustment is another upgrade that you can add to your Mirra 2 chair. Aeron chairs, however, do not have this option for they rock back and forth when you adjust the tilt tension, you cannot lock it and there is no forward tilt.

You’ll get more tilt positions, a tilt tension controller, tilt locking, and a forward tilt (at an additional cost) if you upgrade to the tilt (at a different price).

Herman Miller Mirra 2 has a 350-pound weight limit that enables it to hold heavier weights, thereby making it usable by most people.

Which Chair Is Environment-Friendly, Herman Miller Mirra Vs Aeron?

Mirra 2 is made of 90% recycled material, including post- and pre-consumer material like many of Herman Miller’s products. Herman Miller manufactures it using renewable energy in its greenhouse facility.

Mirra 2 is one of the best chairs because you can recycle it after using it. The product also features a 12-year warranty, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

What We Like About

  • Superior comfort
  • Affordable
  • Seat adjustment is great
  • Fully functional

What We Don’t Like About

  • Metal frames are uncomfortable
  • Additional upgrades cost you more

Herman Miller Mirra Vs Aeron: Similar Features

1 – Both Have High-Class Quality Construction

The first similarity we noticed between Herman Miller Aeron vs Mirra 2 is that both chairs are made to high standards, can be customized, and are fully functional for office and personal use.

Each chair can be upgraded with lumbar adjustments, armrest adjustments, tilt limiters, etc. for an additional charge.

Floating in the air is a feeling you get from both chairs because of their polymer mesh seats. These chairs are very comfortable and breathable.

In the Aeron vs Mirra 2, the back support is designed to maintain your back’s posture while being smooth and natural. When your body moves, the support follows along with you.

Last but not least, both chairs are made from eco-friendly material.

2 – You Can Pay Extra For The Customization

A standard tilt and seat height adjustments are included in each chair’s basic model. You can also pay extra for extra features and adjustments, such as adjustable lumbar support, armrest adjustments, and tilt limits.

Both chairs became pricier and more luxurious as a result of these extra features. Additionally, they provide excellent support to your body throughout your time on the chair.

If you’re looking for an ergonomic office chair that can help you improve your posture or reduce your back pain, then you might want to consider those adjustments.

Differences You Will Notice Within Aeron Vs Mirra

Backrest Design Is Completely Different

In comparison with Aeron, Mirra 2’s backrest design is entirely different. It features woven upholstery as opposed to Aeron. This flexible, supportive, yet airy suspension fabric offers many benefits.

In Mirra 2, there are two types of backrest: one is polymer, the other lacks a fabric covering, and one has vents for better airflow.

The Aeron and Mirra 2 are fantastic options for people who tend to sweat a lot, but those without the fabric may find the Mirra 2 version hard or too cold.

A softer and/or springier choice would be the Aeron or the Mirra 2 with a fabric back (also called Butterfly Suspension).

Armrests Are Customizable & Different In Herman Miller Mirra Vs Aeron Comparison

Aeron and Mirra 2 armrests differ more than they are similar. In Aeron, there are three arm types, and in Mirra 2, there are two.

There are three chair styles to choose from, all of which come with fixed (non-adjustable) armrests. It is highly recommended that you get some adjustments if your budget is more flexible. Height-adjustable armrests are available as well as 3D armrests (left/right pivot, forward/backward).

There is an additional cost for 4D armrests in Mirra 2. Aeron’s arms are similar to these, but they offer additional width adjustments (inward & outward motion).

People with various hip sizes will need to adjust the width. Additionally, Aeron’s 3D armrest doesn’t alter the arm width.

If you’re eager to pick the perfect size for your needs, this might be a major issue. In contrast, the Aeron has a waterfall-like front with a wide surface where hands can be placed while the Mirra has rounded arm pads.

Final Words On Herman Miller Mirra Vs Aeron Product Review

Among the best ergonomic chairs available in 2021, the Aeron by Herman Miller and Mirra 2 by Mirra offers some of the most comfortable options available.

A Herman Miller Aeron might be worth buying if only one person will be sitting in it and your budget allows it. Multiple chairs can also be purchased for office employees provided they are the right sizes.

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 is the perfect chair for an office that is both spacious and can accommodate multiple workers.

Remember to add some useful features to the chair like the adjustable seat depth so it can accommodate people of various heights and sizes.

As Aeron and Mirra 2 offer many similar features and upgrades, getting the right size to fit your body is extremely important.

In comparison to Aeron size B, the Mirra 2 size is similar in width and seat depth, so it is better suited to people with average height and big butts and legs.

Small people or those who are skinny will find Mirra 2 less comfortable due to measurements and adjustments. They may find the Aeron size A more suitable in this case.

Even if your budget is limited and you can’t afford the upgrades and additional adjustments, Aeron size B or Mira 2 will fit you if your height and size are average.

Those with wider frames and taller shoulders may find the Aeron size C or Mirra 2 with adjustable arms and seat depth best suited.

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