How to Clean Mesh Office Chair (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Clean Mesh Office Chair

The mesh office chair is a perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability. Mesh chairs keep your back cool in summer. You surely can feel a difference if you have ever used regular office chairs previously. These benefits make the mesh chair an extremely popular choice for those who work from home or those who use such chairs in their office space.

If you own a mesh chair, after some time, you would feel the need to clean the chair. The reason is, this chair gets dirty and dusty after some time. Moreover, Its bad odor adds to the unappealing appearance of the chair. So now the query is: how to clean an office mesh chair? Let’s break it down in the step-by-step guide.

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Step-by-step guide on how to clean an office mesh chair:

Here are the easy steps that will help you in cleaning your office mesh chair:

1. Vacuum the chair to remove all the debris

Vacuum the chair to remove all the debris

The first step is to use a vacuum cleaner to detain all the dust particles and crumbs. You may need to use the hoss attachment with the vacuum cleaner to sniff all the dirt perfectly. And its hoss can clean the hard-to-reach positions, especially below the seat.

2. Disassemble the chair to wash it thoroughly

Disassemble the chair to wash it thoroughly

If your chair has removable parts, it might be a good idea to wash your chair thoroughly. Nevertheless, it’s not a mandatory step. You can skip this if you don’t feel like going into these details. However, if the parts are scattered, it would help in cleaning thoroughly and also with ease.

3. Look at the manufacturing material and instructions

Every product comes with a guidebook. Check out if the material of your chair is compatible with a water wash. Or what else instructions they have given. You might find some symbols like W, S, WS, X there. ‘W’ means suitable for water-based solutions, ‘S’ represents Dry-cleaning solvents only, ‘WS’ shows either can be used. Whereas if you see an ‘X’ there, it means the chair can be dry cleaned only.

4. Get the washing material ready

If your chair’s material allows water cleaning, then no need for any special arrangements. You can use any dish soap mixed with water and start rubbing the chair gently with a sponge or washcloth. You can also buy upholstery cleaner from the market.

Some people prepare a cleaning solution at home to stay chemical-free. If you want that, mix the same amount of baking soda and lemon juice in warm water, and your solution is ready.

You can use a foam cleaner if your chair doesn’t allow water usage. Water might seep into its cushioning, so using a foam cleaner could be a better way around.

5. Wash up the body of the chair

Wash up the body of the chair

Now damp the washcloth in your solution and start wiping the chair. Wash all the different parts. Once the cloth catches enough dirt, soak it again and continue doing it until you get the whole chair cleaned.

If you have plastic upholstery or your chair allows water usage, you can also first use the soapy solution and then wash it all with clean water.

6. Let the chair dry

Let the chair dry

Now when you have finished cleaning. Allow some time for the air drying. Once the chair is dried up, you can reassemble all the parts.

7. Make the chair shiny again

Sometimes after washing, the chair, and armrests appear to have lost their previous shine. But don’t worry, you can apply any furniture polish to it. It will get back to its original look when you first bought it. Furniture polish is mostly compatible with many materials.

How to take care of office mesh chairs?

It is always better if your chair stays clean and you never reach the moment when it stinks so bad that it becomes impossible for you to sit on it. So here are some tips for you to keep your office mesh chair in flawless form.

Vacuum it now and then, maybe every once a week. You should vacuum it more if it gets dusty more often.

Wipe off the dust often. You might need to use a brush. But make sure the brush is soft so it won’t damage mesh fiber.

Sometimes after a water wash, the chair loses its shiny surface. Apply furniture polish to bring back its lustrous look.

To keep your chair fully functional and attractive, you should thoroughly wash it up once every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the office mesh chair gives a bad odor?

The mesh chair begins to stink after some time and demands a washing session from you. The reason why a chair starts smelling bad is probably because of human sweat. Humans sweat due to bacteria. And if you sweat more often, there is a high chance that the chair absorbs and stores this bacteria. So your chair might also begin to give a bad odor.

So if your chair also smells bad. Let’s find out how to get rid of this bad odor from the mesh chair.

How do you clean a smelly office chair mesh?

There are a variety of household treatments to curb bad odor office mesh chairs. Use either vinegar or rubbing alcohol (stronger than vinegar). They both can denature any organic particle that’s causing this smell. Rub it with any cotton ball or small cloth over the chair thoroughly. Let it dry out. Do this during off-hours as the treatment might smell, and it takes time to dry out the chair.

How do you deep clean a mesh chair?

The step-by-step guide is discussed earlier. Start by vacuuming the chair to remove any debris, wipe out any stains with a washcloth, disassemble the chair(if possible), then wash it with any detergent/dish soap b using a dishwasher sponge or washcloth. You can clean it with water thoroughly if the chair material is safe with it. Let the chair air dry.

Are our mesh chairs easy to clean?

Sadly, the answer lies quite on the “NO” side. Mesh chairs might get damaged during the cleaning, and it leaves you with no way of repairing them. Also, It can easily catch up dust again as soon as you are done cleaning.

Final Thoughts

So, that was the complete guide to cleaning an office mesh chair. Washing a mesh chair might not be this easy task as it seems. but it’s also not very difficult if done right. hope this guide helps

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