How to Connect Wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox One?

How to Connect Wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox One

The gaming console world is spending at an unbeatable pace. From equipment to gadgets to accessories, gathering all things together, we define a power-pack gaming experience. In this race, mentioning the latest invention, the wireless gaming chair, is a must. 

The mainstream folks disregard the status of the gaming chair. Little did they know, the quality of the gaming chair ponders more than the gaming console itself.

Since you’re a video gamer, you ought to have an Xbox One – the leading gaming console of all time. Hey, do you want to know how to connect a wireless gaming chair to Xbox one? Let’s get it then!

Let us walk through this detailed yet step-by-step guide to know how to connect a gaming chair to Xbox One in four quick ways. 

5 Easy & Quick Ways to Connect Wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox One?

To tie up all the things together, we are sharing 4 step-by-step processes to connect a gaming chair to Xbox One.

Wireless Connection via TV

Every wireless gaming chair comes with a wireless transmitter and an in-built connection with a TV (if you know). Here, you have to use the same wireless functionality.

  1. Use an HDMI cable to connect the gaming console to the TV.
  2. Using the 3.5 mm audio cable, connect a gaming chair to the TV and the wireless transmitter.
  3. The green “Male” tip of a 3.5 mm audio cable will go in the wireless transmitter input jack, while the other end connects with the TV’s audio output.
  4. Other than the 3.5 mm output connection, you can also use others (the one you find effortlessly and know how to use).
  5. Moving forward with the process, power the wireless gaming chair with the transmitter batteries.
  6. Switch ON the chair with the control keys on the transmitter and gaming chair.
  7. Secure the wireless connection by ensuring the connection is the same frequency band (since there can be 1-3 bands).

Via HDMI Converter

Attachment via HDMI converter is pretty standard since it offers a stable connection with an instant supply of signals without lagging. But before that, make sure you have two high-quality HDMI cables and a converter.

  1. First, use one HDMI cable and link one end with the TV’s HDMI port and the other end with the converter.
  2. Using the second HDMI cable, attach one end to the Xbox One gaming console and the other end to the HDMI converter.
  3. Play some songs to make sure the connection is ON and secure.
  4. Ta-Da! Your wireless gaming chairs are now connected. Enjoy your time!

Connection via AUX Cord

Are you still wondering how to connect a wireless gaming chair to Xbox one? Then check out this quick method. Similar to the HDMI cable, the AUX cord is also effortless to link and deliver efficient signals. Let us dive into the step-by-step guide:

  1. First of all, connect your Xbox One console to the TV using the supported connection.
  2. Double-check whether your wireless gaming has a power stream or not; if not, then get one immediately.
  3. After getting the power supply, link one end of the AUX power cord with the Xbox One gaming console, while the other end should be linked with the AUX port on the wireless gaming chair.
  4. Play stereo sound on the TV to check the stability of the connection. 
  5. See? Isn’t it easy peasy to connect the Xbox One gaming console with a wireless gaming chair?

Connection via RCA Audio Cables

Ever heard about RAC cables? Because for this method, you need two 3.5 mm RCA audio cables and B3 barrel adapters.

  1. Use the B3 barrel adapters and connect the RCA 3.5 mm audio cables. 
  2. Follow the connection as prescribed: A red cord with another red, and a white cord with another white, interconnected by a B3 barrel adapter.
  3. Next, use the supported wired connection to link the Xbox One gaming console with the TV.
  4. Now is the time to connect the TV to the wireless gaming chair.
  5. To do so, attach the green portion of the RCA audio cable to the TV’s audio port.
  6. About the other end, connect it with the red and white B3 adapter, then to the audio jacks on the wireless gaming chair.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Gaming Chair to Xbox One?

Generally speaking, you can’t connect the Bluetooth gaming chair to Xbox One since it doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity. Well, things can be different when you have us!

Besides using the four quick methods mentioned above, you can use a quick hack to connect the Bluetooth gaming chair to the Xbox One gaming console using a Bluetooth transmitter. Nevertheless, the connection is pretty complex. 

The choice of the Bluetooth transmitter should be out-class as this connection is own-built (low quality can damage the Bluetooth chairs and also the Xbox One gaming console.

First, get HDMI cables and connect the Xbox One gaming console to the television. Now, link the Bluetooth chair with the Bluetooth transmitter using the supported connection. 

Reassure yourself that your headset has a TC connection, as you will need to connect the Bluetooth transmitter via the headset plug.

Disclaimer: Instead of using this method, even better if you consider the four quick ways. The reason to say this is because of the complexity you will encounter. Besides that, there is no guarantee the process will work as efficiently as you want.

Summing Up

With this long yet informative guide, we hope now you know how to connect a wireless gaming chair to Xbox one. The stability and the efficiency of the connection depend on how smoothly and accurately you connect the wires.

The maximum time the process consumes is barely 10 minutes (think about the experience you will relish after these nerve-racking 10 minutes).

As the Xbox One gaming console lacks Bluetooth compatibility, it will be tough to connect the Bluetooth wireless gaming chair. Don’t freak out by seeing the multiple cords. At first, it may sound hectic, but eventually, you’ll flow with the process. 

Did you find it useful? Let us know through the comment section below. 

Do gaming chairs work with Xbox One?

Many gaming chairs work with gaming consoles. Ensure the one you are considering supports in-built speakers and sound systems; the in-built sound system is the only possible way to get the gaming chairs to work with Xbox One.

Can you connect a Bluetooth chair to Xbox One?

Maybe yes or no! In general cases, a Bluetooth gaming chair can’t be connected to an Xbox One gaming console since it lacks Bluetooth compatibility. Yet, using the Bluetooth transmitter, you can make things work.

Does the Xbox one have Bluetooth?

The Xbox One gaming console doesn’t support Bluetooth compatibility. As an alternative, the manufacturer features its exclusive Xbox Wireless system.

Which one is better? HDMI connection or connection via RCA audio cords?

Connection via HDMI cord is way better than the RCA audio cords as HDMI cable delivers better signals and secures the link with its converter.

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