How to Fix an Office Chair that Leans Back?

How to Fix an Office Chair that Leans Back

An office chair is undoubtedly an essential element of your workplace. Having a comfortable office chair affects not only your working capabilities but also impacts your physical health because mostly you have to spend around 7 to 8 hours a day on your chair. If your chair is old enough, or even a new one, it may start malfunctioning.

One of the most common issues is the desk chair that leans back unnecessarily. Leaning office chairs can easily generate inconvenience by knocking down your comfort. So, it is quite wise to understand how to fix an office chair that leans back too far. With some most convenient DIY methods, you can simply fix your learning office chair without investing a huge amount.

Reasons for your office chair that leans back

Typically, the main reason behind the leaning office chair is a broken caster, seat pad or backrest. If you want to fix your desk chair that leans back, examine the different parts of the chair to identify the root cause of the problem. Sometimes, the office chair leans back too far if it breaks. To solve this problem, you can try to replace the malfunctioning parts.

Tools required for fixing the leaning office chair

To fix your office chair that leans back, you will need some basic tools.

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench

Simple and Quick ways to fix your desk chair that leans back?

Fortunately, office chairs are usually adjustable, and they offer several components to ensure your comfort.

  • Find the main issue

First of all, you have to determine the actual problem with your office chair. To know the issue, you have to sit on the chair and observe the problem, whether your chair is tilting or leaning.

  • Adjust the knob

Your chair must have a knob present beneath your sitting pan for leaning office chair. Basically, the main purpose of this knob is to alter the setting of the office chair according to your choice. So, people can easily manage according to their sizes, shapes, and ergonomics.

By adjusting this knob, you can easily fix your office chair and acquire a suitable position. Make sure that the chair is not broken; otherwise, fixation is quite hard. In case if you have been using it for a long time, your knob can become a bit loose.

  • Fix the tilt tension

Tilt tension can loosen after bearing the weight for a long time. So, your tilt tension may need to be treated. Sit in the chair and press the floor firmly with your foot. At the same time, press your back against the seat pad and tilt the chair back as much as you can to know how far it can go.

While sitting on your office chair, push the knob down and tilt your seat in a forward direction. Leave the knob as you reach your desired position. After fixing, tilt in the back by pressing the seat plate to determine whether you achieve the required level. If not, then repeat the process again, and continue until you acquire your position.

  • Replace the defective casters

Casters on an office chair can easily break or damage over time, which can ultimately become the reason for an office chair that leans back too far.

  • Make sure that all the casters should properly touch the floor.
  • All casters should be at equal height.
  • If any caster breaks due to unequal weight distribution, immediately replace it to resume the functioning of your chair.
  • To remove the damaged casters, use a screwdriver.
  • If your chair is a bit old, apply a little amount of WD-40 or elbow grease.
  • After removing the defective casters, place the new casters with a rubber mallet.
  • Keep in your mind that you need to tap the caster gently; otherwise, the socket or caster can be easily damaged.
  • Screw up your seat plate

Due to daily wear and tear, seat plates can easily lose their actual setting. So, this can be the reason for your desk chair that leans back. If this is the case, simply put your chair on the floor on its side and examine the seat pad. All hydraulic chairs have a black plate under the seat. Usually, it is a thin steel frame with a black painting present under the chair’s cushion.

Typically, this plate contains various bolts, adjustment levers, hydraulic levers, and screws. Perfectly tighten the loosened bolts and screws in the original position with a wrench or a screwdriver. If you observe that any screwdriver is missing, simply replace them according to their sizes.

After this fixation, you have to stand your chair in an upright position to check whether the issue is solved or not. If not, you either have to replace the seat plate or purchase a new office chair.

Take into consideration that the cost of a seat plate and office chair may vary depending on the model and brand. Bear in mind that contacting the manufacturer or retailer from where you have bought is the wise option.

Quick method to fix your office chair that leans back

  • First of all, open all the components of your office chair.
  • Reconfigure arms and back of the chair.
  • Reassemble the chair wheels by replacing them with the old ones.
  • Arrange all parts together.
  • Find out if there are any missing screws.
  • Tight all the screws.
  • Reassemble the plate beneath your chair seat.
  • Examine again whether it is properly working or not.


Which factors of an office chair make it ergonomic?

 Office chairs are designed by considering the user’s needs and offering customization to enhance productivity. Lumbar support, adjustable height and seat make the chair ergonomic.

Which posture is correct while sitting on an office chair?

Back support is an essential part of desk posture. It is recommended to avoid sitting in a leaning forward position in an office chair while the best posture is to sit at a 100-degree angle. By maintaining this angle, your circulation will improve.

Is tilting an office chair beneficial for physical health?

The forward tilting feature of the desk chair helps enhance pressure on your back muscles. Likewise, it reduces the lower back and the stress on your spine.                   

Why does my office chair stick leaning back?

Due to the tension string, your task chair comes back to its original position. As it damages or dislodges, typically, the desk chair falls backward into a rest position until you lock it.

How to fix the tilting chair?

With the help of the tension function, you can easily adjust the tilt. Using the tripping point, you can easily adjust the tension according to your sitting position and weight.

Which types of chairs are more comfortable and durable?

The Herman Miller Embody is one of the most affordable, comfortable, and durable types of the office chair.
The Steelcase gesture is also a good choice if you are looking for a durable a comfortable desk chair. 

Final Thoughts

Take on board that your office chair that leans back can cause severe back pain. With these simple and easy adjusting techniques, you can effortlessly escalate the performance and save your body from damage.

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