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How to sit comfortably on a Gaming Chair?

How to sit on gaming chair chair properly

Gaming chairs have been around for several years now and have gained a lot of popularity but still, there are so many people who don’t know how to sit properly on a gaming chair and it is important that we use the correct posture while playing games or when sitting on a gaming chair.

In order to sit in a gaming chair for a long period of time and to get the most out of it, you need to know how to sit on a gaming chair.

In this article, I will show you the proper and practical ways to use your gaming chair in order to gain the full benefits thereof.

Importance of maintaining neutral or proper posture

As I already mentioned the importance of having proper posture when sitting on a chair because the spine has to hold all of your weight ultimately against gravity, and it can create problems for your back if you do not practice good posture.

On the contrary, the wrong posture creates slouching and poor sitting habits. The spine has discs that are cushioned between the bones, and when you slouch or hunch over your back is under extra pressure(1).

This could lead to future problems, such as damage to these discs, alignment of joints, etc. If your head leans forward when you are looking at the screen, it can cause neck pain or it can cause headache.

Now that you know the importance of maintaining proper posture when sitting on a chair, it is also important that you learn how to properly sit in a chair.

How to sit properly in a gaming chair?

When you are seated, your hip bone should be over the knee cap with your feet placed flat on the floor. Also, your back should be close pressed against the seat’s backrest all the way up to the neck.

First of all, you need to lean back so that your spine gets support from the backrest. Your upper body should be supported by the backrest, even though it is not completely straight.

The spine’s natural curve should remain intact. This is how you sit in a gaming chair the correct way.


6 Tips for Maintaining Good Posture While Sitting in a Gaming Chair

However, maintaining a correct sitting posture might be difficult at times but there are several ways by which you can maintain good posture while working for prolonged periods of time. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1) Adjust The Seat Height

When seated on a chair you need to adjust the seat height so that the feet are placed flat on the floor and knee joints form an angle of 90 degrees. The legs should be kept straight, while the arms rest on armrests.

Remember, there should only be around one or two inches of space between the seat edge and the back of your knees so it won’t block blood circulation in the legs. This would be an ideal position to sit in a gaming chair.

2) Backrest Adjustment

Try to sit in an upright position and keep your back against the backrest of the chair. Make sure that your low back is supported by the lumbar support(lumber pillow) of your chair and that you’re maintaining a natural curve in your lower spine.

Do not slouch while seated on a chair for extended periods of time because it can cause severe health issues(2). The human body is built to keep itself well-balanced and upright, the same way you hold your head up high because it takes less energy to do that.

3) Proper lumbar support

In order to avoid health issues arising from bad back pain, it is important that you should maintain the right amount of lumbar support because a lack of lumbar support results in insufficient spinal support. To give support to your lower back(Lumber Area) you can use a Lumbar Pillow/Cushion.

4) Give your arms Relax

Most of the gaming chairs come with at least 1 or 2D adjustable armrests. They are also ergonomically designed to offer the best support and comfort.

Ensure that your arms are relaxed and at ease with the chair’s armrests. Keep your shoulders straight while resting your elbows on chair armrests. This would be an ideal way to sit in a gaming chair with proper posture.

Some chairs even come up with 4D adjustable armrests and you can set them in the way you feel most comfortable.

5) Adjust The Seat Tilt

Gaming chairs have an adjustable seat tilt option to a certain degree that makes it easy to find the best possible sitting position for you.

In order to avoid discomfort, make sure you find a suitable seat tilt position as per your sitting needs and preferences.

1) Backward tilt: In this case, you need to lean back slightly while sitting on a chair.

2) Forward tilt: When you lean forward the seat pan should be at the front and your hips are placed on the front edge of the chair.

3) Seat bottom tilt: To sit in this type of position, set the seat pan slightly back to find a comfortable spot for yourself.

4) Seat top tilt: Also called a backward recline, this is most suitable for people who need to take a quick nap or want to relax for a minute.

6) Gaming Chair Reclining Angle

In order to lean backward in your gaming chair when playing games or taking a nap most gaming chairs have reclining features to a certain degree.

While adjusting the angle of your chair, it is important that you should not feel any discomfort because if you feel uncomfortable in this position then it will affect your posture.

In order to avoid such things while leaning backward in a gaming chair make sure that your feet are flat on the floor and your backrest should support your lower spine.

Sitting in a given position for long hours is not only exhausting but also unhealthy for your back and neck muscles. However, when you recline or take naps, make sure that you do it right by sitting in the proper posture to avoid any sort of discomfort after it’s too late.


In order to maintain a proper sitting posture, it is important that you adjust the height of your chair accordingly and make sure that you sit at a distance from the computer or laptop screen such that your neck is not strained while working.

Also, make sure that the armrests are adjusted accordingly when you use them because armrests should not restrict your blood flow when you use them for extended periods of time.

Are gaming chairs bad for posture?

Gaming chairs are mostly designed in a way to provide ample support and comfort when you’re sitting on them for hours. However, it is important that you should sit properly in order to avoid fatigue, pain, or even further health issues.

If you sit in an unbalanced position for long hours it may affect your posture. It is important that while sitting on a gaming chair you should maintain the right kind of posture so that you don’t cause any further issues with your spine.

What is the purpose of a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are not only designed to provide comfort when you’re playing games for hours but also they provide support to your body while sitting in an unbalanced position.

Are gaming chairs better than traditional office chairs?

Gaming chairs are specially designed for people who spend most of their time in front of computers playing games or engaging in internet activities. They provide comfort and support to your body while sitting for long hours.

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