What is Ergonomic Chair? Detailed Explanation

What is Ergonomic Chair

The ergonomic chair is the medium between work and our body. Ergonomic chairs are designed with adjustable features to provide support and comfort for the user, helping reduce fatigue and physical discomfort during long periods of sitting.

It can be adjusted to fit individual body types, promoting proper posture and reducing strain on the body. The goal is to optimize user productivity and comfort while maintaining a healthy working environment.

The use of an ergonomic chair will also help you maintain good posture while sitting at your desk, which will keep your lumbar healthy.

What makes a chair ‘Ergonomic’?

As you do a bit of research on ergonomic chairs, you will see that it is included a variety of features to improve the body posture and grant you the correct support. But that’s not all! There are a lot more features with which a chair turns into an ergonomic option. These are: 

  • You should be keeping arm’s length away from the PC screen. The top area of the monitor should be level with the eyes. 
  • Sit straight and avoid any sort of slouching. Make sure the neck is in a neutral and relaxed position. 
  • Keep the arms parallel to the floor.
  • Be in the sitting posture by letting both your feet on the floor. Do not cross your legs. This is required to let the blood flow in the correct circulation within your legs.

Hence, a premium ergonomic chair is something that is adjusted and must have better control, and should have customized settings. With its adjustable nature, you can have the chair be settled according to your height. To buy an ergonomic chair for office use, always consider using the body dimensions for greater fitting. 

Important Components of Ergonomic Chair 

An excellent ergonomic chair is based on the following components: 

Height of seat

The optimal height of the seat should not be letting you place the feet all flat over the floor. Therefore, choosing a chair with an adjustable seat height is important because everyone has a different height. Any seat height which is between 16-21 inches off the floor is the best to pick. 

Seat width & depth

Accurate seat depth needs to be left in between 2-4 inches. And this inch measurement should be in between the edge of the seat and the back of the knees. In case the seat is a lot far forward, it might put some undue pressure on the knees. 

Seat tilt

Great ergonomic chairs are the ones that let you perform tilting in any direction. The anterior pelvic tilt is one such posture problem that can affect you no matter any sitting position you are in. To stay comfortable, make sure you let the pelvis be in the neutral position while sitting which should be in the 80-degree angles over the hips, knees, or ankles.


The component of the swivel in the ergonomic chair will enable the user to easily move around without any strain. 


With the help of an armrest, it gets a lot easier for you to reduce the tension in the upper body and the shoulder areas. You should not be using the armrests when typing because it reduces the entire arm movement. 


The headrest supports the head back and upper back which reduces the shoulder tension and the upper torso. 


If you are using the chair over some hard surface, then consider having the chair based on soft rubber wheels. Hard wheels are better for carpeted areas for smooth and better navigation. 

Backrest Lumbar support

The backrest lumbar feature is available in almost all ergonomic chairs where it supports the lower back. It is shaped in the “S” sign which identified the spine area. It often prevents slumping and hence reduces stress over the spine as well as the pelvis. 

What are the Amazing Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs? 

Here are some of the benefits of ergonomic chairs that a user can enjoy and take advantage of.

1. Improves the Posture 

These chairs are brilliant for excellent posture support and improve it a bit. Traditional chairs will grant your body undue pain in the spine but this is not the case with ergonomic chairs at all. It is not just causing you to improve your body posture but will also increase the overall susceptibility to back injuries. 

2. Solves your Back Pain Problem

In addition, these chairs are equally great in solving your issues of back pain which is the best feature of it. Ergonomic chairs are designed in such a manner that they are supporting the entire natural curvature of the body’s spine. It has a backrest that is taller enough for providing support to the whole back. 

3. Reduces the Neck Pain

Plus, it is also beneficial in reducing back pain or shoulder pain. They are available with a headrest for providing excellent support for the head as well as neck areas. 

4. Relaxes the Hip Pressure 

Sometimes a hard chair can give unwanted pressure on the hips. If is it so, then do invest in an ergonomic chair that can relax your hip pressure. These ergonomic chairs have sufficient padding and great depth with which they can support the hips and often reduce extra pressure.


Which are the best brands producing great ergonomic chairs?

Brands offering great quality ergonomic office chairs are AmazonBasics, ErgoChair as well as Herman Miller.

Which ergonomic chair is best for your back?

For supporting your back, you should look for the ergonomic chair which is offered with adjustable height and arm features. It even has a curvy back which aligns the spine for the older group of people. 

Which are the most recommended ergonomic chairs for back pain?

For back pain, a variety of ergonomic chairs are available on market. We have the best suggestions for Serta Mid-Back Office Chairs, as well as the Embody Chair by Herman Miller, and Herman Miller Aeron Chair. You can also choose the HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair which is equally comfortable for them all.

What is the premium option of a high-back ergonomic office chair?

We suggest the Steelcase gesture chair, as well as Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair, or the Herman Miller chairs. All of them are excellent in supporting different body sizes in both high-back and low-back positions. 

Are ergonomic chairs better for your back?

Yes, ergonomic chairs offer better support for your back due to their adjustable features, allowing them to be tailored for individual comfort.

What is the difference between an office chair and an ergonomic chair?

An office chair is typically a generic seating option, while an ergonomic chair is designed to properly support and cushion the body during extended periods of sitting. Ergonomic chairs can help reduce muscle strain and fatigue, making them ideal for people who sit for long periods.

How do you know if a chair is ergonomic?

You can check if a chair is ergonomic by looking for features such as adjustable seat height, armrests, lumbar support, and tilt control. If it has these features then it is likely to be ergonomic.

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