Mid Back Vs High Back Chair? Know the Real Difference

The debate between mid-back and high-back office chairs has been around for a long time. Which office chair is better?

Does it really make a difference?

Well, yes! The difference between mid-back and high-back chairs really matters because feeling comfortable while working is really needed in order to focus.

Sometimes, it is difficult to decide which chair is much likely to match your needs especially when there are a variety of office chairs available in the market.


It is essential to know the difference between a mid-back chair and a high-back office chair, as it is not just directly related to your health but also lets you feel comfortable while working. Even though they both look quite similar but they are different from each other when it comes to comfort and health because a comfortable place while doing work is very necessary for focus.

A lot of people face difficulty while choosing between these two as if you don’t know what these chairs offer you might end up buying the chair that does not soothe you better; therefore, having an idea about their features is necessary.


What is a mid-back chair? A mid-back chair is an office chair that does not have any other part to support your neck and head. Its height is a little higher than your shoulders but still, it gives you good break rest.

Its main motive is to give a suitable amount of support to your lower back. However, a lot of desk workers prefers high-back chair but it is not an excellent choice if you don’t have too much space.

For people who have to move back and forth while working and have to do different tasks then it is better to use a mid-back chair.


The Mid-back chair appears to be shorter as compared to high–back chairs. It is designed to give rest to your lower back other than your head and neck but it is quite good for limited workspaces, particularly meeting rooms or conference rooms, etc.

A mid-back chair can give support to your back for a maximum of 5 hours, so it is not a bad option when you use your chair for less time.


Following are some commonly experienced benefits of a mid-back office chair:

1. The mid-back chair is better for limited spaces and lets you move easily from one desk to another.

2. It is lighter as compared to a high-back chair and seems better for flexible workstations.

3. They are available in a variety of colors.

4. You have different options when it comes to designs.

According to the purpose and place of the chair, there is a variety of mid-back chairs available in the market. Mid-back chairs are suitable for co-working places or computer labs that are designed for small sitting times.

Additionally, it fits better in limited and tight spaces so if you have less workspace and you have to do different tasks then a mid-back chair is a perfect thing for you.


A 26 inches mid-back office chair backrest can fit 95% of the people, so if you want it to increase or decrease the length of the mid-back chair you should measure your height from your torso to your shoulders to know whether it is covering your back correctly or not.

Here is the method through which you can easily check how much backrest height is suitable for you:

  • Sit on the ground in front of the wall.
  • Take a pencil or pen in your hand.
  • Mark your shoulders height with a pencil.
  • Do the measurement with the help of f ruler or tape from the mark to the floor.
  • The supreme height of the backrest is less than that measurement.


Now you might be thinking what is a high-back chair? So, a high-back chair is also an office chair that has an additional part to support your neck and head.

It is taller as compared to a mid-back chair and it has a backrest that helps particularly to support your higher back, neck and head. This chair is much more comfortable and is widely used nowadays. It is also much suitable for people who are tall.

Moreover, the high-back chair has a number of adjustment options that a mid-back office chair does not have.

 A high-back chair is particularly recommended to people who sit for 8 to 9 hours.

Types of high-back chairs

Following are some of the types of high-back office chairs available in the market:

Executive Chairs:

Executive high-back chairs are those high-back chairs whose backrest is a single tall piece and are made up of leather. Some of them have a protruding area as well that acts as a headrest.

Ergonomic Chairs:

Ergonomic chairs consist of mesh and they have separate adjustable neck support other than the backrest which makes it even more comfortable.

Gaming chairs:

These types of High-back chairs are consist of leather and they have a single-piece backrest with an adjustable neck pillow.

Sometimes the high back chair does not come with any of those because it is higher than your head.


The high-back chair and mid-back chair are almost the same the only difference in them is their appearance. As a matter of fact, a high-back chair is more used in offices. It has an extra part known as a headrest which is designed particularly to support the head, neck, and lower back due to which it looks slightly bigger than usual office chairs.

However, it is suitable for the people who have to work for long hours. Also, high-back chairs offer,   enough support for not just the people who are tall but also give comfortable workspace for every height of people.


Following are some of the pros of a high-back office chair:

1. Due to the availability of a backrest, it helps in sitting straight for a long time.

2. It supports both the lower as well as your upper back.

3. Decreases the possibility of suffering from slouching.


The main decision criteria in reviews for choosing between mid-back and high-back chair are:


Mid-back chairs are cheaper as compared to high-back chairs due to the less material consumed during the manufacturing process.

If you do not have much budget and you can only afford a chair whose range is under $100 then a mid-back chair is likely the best choice for you.

If you feel that a high-back chair does not suites your requirements and you don’t have much space for it then other than a normal mid-back chair there is another option of premium mid-back as well which is under the range of $200.

Other than that, if you can afford more than that then you can easily buy a nice darn high-back chair.

Desk Space

According to the space, you should decide:

  • How much space do you have?
  • Which look do you require?
  • Did you take the proper measurements?

Purpose Of Chair

  • If you do prolonged and continuous periods of time working then you should choose high-back chairs.
  • If you do infrequent or sporadic sitting of 2 to 3 hours then you should choose mid-back chairs.
  • For small spaces or tight spots like conference area meetings, room mid-back chair tends to be more suitable.

Ergonomical features

 If we talk about ergonomics then high-back office chairs have one extra component which mid-back office chairs do not have and that is headrest or upper back support.


The main reason when we try to find the perfect height of the backrest is to check whether it supports your spine or is it enough tall to cushion your back when you lean.

According to research 36 inches, the high-back chair is suitable for 95% of people. This is just the minimum point. Although the height of the perfect backrest of a high-back office chair for you can be less than 36, The main goal is to make sure the height of the neck pillow or support is under the range that fits your spine and not more or less than that. Sometimes the high back chair does not come with any of those because it is higher than your head.


High-back and mid-back chairs both are expensive as they come with different characteristics and have different needs so in order to buy any of them it is important to know their purpose. Even though the mid-back chair is cheaper as compared to the high-back chair but it doesn’t mean that the high-back chair is better due you its price difference.

Hence, when buying these sorts of chairs it is important to know about the purpose of these chairs. After all the thing that matches your needs is most suitable to be purchased.